About Booking the Eureka


The Eureka Theatre is available for booking on a space and time available basis. Contact Executive Director Laird Rodet for information: 415-350-7950.


Built in 1966, the Eureka Theatre is part of The Gateway, located in District 3, in the heart of downtown San Francisco, just two blocks from the Embarcadero. Originally built as a small art house cinema, it was converted to a proscenium theatre in 1998. The Eureka seats 200 and is fully wheelchair accessible.


Stage Specifications


The stage is 35 feet wide and 25 feet deep from the edge of the apron to the back wall.

The stage is 3 feet off the floor of the auditorium

The light grid is 14 feet above the stage floor


Lighting Inventory Lighting & Sound Equipment Inventory


The Light Inventory is:

15: 6x9's
15: 6" Fresnels
6: Source Four 36d (one was in the booth but looked in good condition)
4: Source Four Pars
6: Par 64s
2: minizooms
4: Zooms
1: Source Four 50d


The System Hardware is:
ETC ExpressTM 24/48 Light Console
3-TEC SenoreTM 12 x 2.4 Dinner Packs

The Eureka Theater maintains a decent supply of gels and gobo’s and we have recently purchased more two-fer’s and cabling is plentiful.


Our Sound System is Crown Amp with EV Speakers and a Behringer Xenyx 2442FX board (As they say in the business it will blow the walls out). Please clink on the link below "The Eureka Theatre Sound Equipment" below for complete information.


Clear comm.: 2 headsets backstage, 2 in the booth.


Audio Snake from Booth to stage: 16 inputs; the box is stage left on the proscenium


The Eureka Theatre Layout

The Eureka Theatre Seating Layout

The Eureka Theatre Stagefloor

 The Eureka Theatre Sound Equipment

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